Richest Americans from Real Estate Investments

Real estate investing is a great way to get rich via passive income. Here are some examples of Americans who have gotten rich from real estate investing.

  1. Donald Bren with a net worth of $15.3 billion dollars is chairman and owner of a real estate development company. Bren is 132 on the 2021 Forbes billionaires list.
  2. Stephen Ross a former tax attorney has developed affordable housing and grew his net worth to $8.3 billion dollars.
  3. Neil Bluhm has made a net worth of $7 billion dollars through investing in real estate like casinos. He also owns luxury retail assets in Chicago which have been very successful despite the pandemic.
  4. Leonard Stern is a billionaire from New York who made an empire from industrial assets. He has donated millions in housing to homeless families.
  5. Edward Roski Jr. is head of Majestic Realty, a development company with millions of square feet in industrial, office, retail, and residential real estate across several states. In 2021 his net worth rose to $6.1 billion dollars.

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